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Welcome to Shih Tzu Studs n’ Muffin. I am a Licensed Hobby Breeder of Shih Tzu's. My love for the Shih Tzu breed is as the noble Chinese ancestries who valued them as prized companions and palace pets. They are proud, arrogant, very alert and sturdy.

I have a small and exclusive Stud Breeding Service based north of the city of Atlanta Georgia, specializing in healthy, even – tempered true to standard Shih-Tzu. Our dogs have been tested at the University of Georgia, Athens. The pups are bred exclusively as pet/companions and placed with a space/neuter contract. Generally, I do not stud for the sale of any puppies for breeding. However, if you’re interested in a show dog I would be happy to talk with you. (Limited / Unlimited Registrations)

Our family includes my son and my mom and two spoiled extremely affectionate healthy male Shih Tzu with distinct personalities. Hex – DAD, snuggle buddy and constant companion.. Meo – SON, feisty, show off and craves attention and needs to know you’re always around within sight. Takes after his Mom-Daisy same qualities/personnel. In training for show; category to be determined.

I am a breeder of quality CKC registered Shih Tzu bred for quality not quantity.

I chose the Shih Tzu breed because I wanted a constant companion and someone to take care of. My son who was quickly zooming through grade school is now in junior high and Hex who is my Black and White Shih Tzu is my sofa companion who loves to snuggle at my side or anywhere near me. He walks side by side with me with he is taken out to potty. He is laid back and nonchalant. He loves to sit high and loves to be pampered and babied. I put him on a pillow one day a walked around the house with him. He loved it. Hex is the father of Meo. Meo is Hex's son. He is Cream and White with Black tips on his ears. Now Meo he is our rambunctious lively and alert Shih Tzu. He loves to jump, run, and always wants to play, always. Though independent he is like a toddler. He must always have to know where I am, he follows or sets out to look for me if I leave his range of sight and while he's looking for me he is whining all along. He is mommies baby, baby. My babies are always trailing behind or beside me with their head high, chest out and sweeping double coats of hair with an assured strut and their curved tail that touches their back . They are very alert and lively dogs. They are everywhere I sit, and stand in the house. They are truly my babies.

BFB and Hex and Meio-05

BFB and Hex and Meio-04

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